ClimbPoint 0.9 contains the following features:
Visuals are available on the screenshots page.

Simple “type or swipe” main screen to easily find visitors.
The search pane updates as you type, and at any time you can swipe any identification card through a magnetic card reader to instantly display the associated climber.

Store and view gear preferences for climbers
The gear that a climber routinely checks-out upon a visit to the gym is stored in their climber profile and displayed prior to check-in so that staff can provide better customer service.

Track belay and lead-climbing certifications for each climber
A climber’s certification level is also displayed on their profile screen prior to check-in, making it easy for staff to identify properly trained visitors.

Custom membership types and gear available
Facility managers can easily specify membership types (e.g. student, faculty, guest), and also choose the gear that’s available for climber check-out.

Printable reports on climbers and wall activity
Currently available reports include frequent climbers for the past year, recent climbers for the past day, and a monthly summary of visits to the wall. All reports are printable and can be saved to pdf or exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

And that’s not all!

Upcoming features will be posted on the blog, and suggestions are always welcome!


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