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Send an email to Support email address

How much does it cost?
Check out the purchase page for the latest prices and to pick up a license.

Who else is using ClimbPoint?
Satisfied customers include the University of Kentucky, Clemson University, Miami University (Ohio), and Indiana Wesleyan University.  Check out their feedback on the blog.

Can you import climber data from our old database?
Yes! It’s easiest to import data from an Excel spreadsheet or .csv file, but we’ll give any file format a shot!

What type of card reader will I need to scan identification cards?
Almost any card reader which connects to a PC USB port or keyboard port should work just fine. For a low-profile card reader, try the MagTek 21040147 Mini USB Dual Head Reader — it’s available for $85 on the purchase page.

Do I need any special identification cards to work with ClimbPoint?
No special cards are needed. As long as a card reader to scan the cards is available, everything will be fine. It’s best if all members use the same type of cards (student ID cards work great).

Why doesn’t ClimbPoint do _______?
The initial version of ClimbPoint has been developed with Universities in mind, and additional features are needed for commercial climbing gym managers. A new version is in the works, so let me know what’s missing by sending an email to My email address.


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