ClimbPoint customer feedback

Shortly before the launch of and the public release of the first version, I put together a beta program and gathered feedback from six different climbing wall managers.  Since then I’ve continued to gather feedback from new customers and have incorporated a great deal of it into the latest release.

Below is a sampling of comments from those who participated in the beta program.

Easy to use
Installation at all sites was a snap, and “super easy” in the words of Robert Taylor from Clemson. It was great to hear Robert describe how, once he finally got a card reader from the IT department, he was able to plug it in and it “just worked”. Here are a few other quotes:

One of the most intuitive and user friendly programs on the market” – Mark Lattin, University of Kentucky
“The main thing I like is its simplicity” – Mike Maxam, Miami University
“It’s really easy to use” – Lynette Bowsher, Indiana Wesleyan University
“I like it…it’s fairly streamlined” – Jerome Gabriel, Bowling Green State University

Idiot proof
The latest CWA newsletter mentions this aspect as a selling point, and there are a couple priceless quotes on this topic:

“[It’s] pretty streamlined…there’s very little margin for error” – Mike
“It has done wonders in terms of eliminating our administrative errors…You can’t get rid of all the dumb mistakes people make, but this does a pretty good job” – Mark

A complete solution

It has streamlined everything we do at the wall” – Lynette
“All of the functions you need to run a wall are there” – Jerome

ClimbPoint customers have also mentioned that they loved how their staff could now all be on the same page, and how the reporting features save them from running daily numbers on wall attendance. But one of the best quotes came from Lynette, when she said “I can’t imagine not having it“.

Intrigued? Check out the free trial.

The above article was originally posted March 11, 2008 on AnotherStartup, the founder’s personal blog.


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  1. […] Installing ClimbPoint is a snap, and learning to use it is even easier.  Wall staff won’t need any training to get up to speed, and the software works with your existing magnetic stripe ID cards.  These are some of the reasons our customers love it. […]

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