Benefits of ClimbPoint

Most software companies sell their product by creating a huge matrix of features and illustrating that their solution has more ‘functionality’ than competing products.  ClimbPoint doesn’t have all the features of a RecTrac or CSI, but that’s intentional — it’s dead simple to use, ensuring that it remains the center of your climbing operations.

Here are a few other advantages of ClimbPoint:

It saves time

The outdoor program at Western Carolina University estimated that the automated check-in / member lookup that ClimbPoint offers saves them about 1 minute per visit over their old paper-based system.  Extrapolate that out to the 1,000 visits per month that they routinely see, and it saves them about 4 hours per week!  Similarly, Clemson University’s outdoor program estimated that the program saves them 30 minutes per day, or about 3 hours per week.

It saves money

Given that ClimbPoint will save your staff on average of 3.5 hours per week (see above), you could save over $1,000 per year of staff time, given a pay rate or $7.50 per hour.  But enough with the numbers…

ClimbPoint also tracks check-in times and can help gauge wall activity for a given month or week, which can help in scheduling staff, purchasing additional gear, and setting wall hours.

Peace of mind

ClimbPoint helps standardize and streamline the check-in process, making it much more difficult for a climber to bypass the waiver verification and belay certification check before climbing.  Prominent notifications are displayed when a climber’s belay certification or waiver has expired.

So easy

Installing ClimbPoint is a snap, and learning to use it is even easier.  Wall staff won’t need any training to get up to speed, and the software works with your existing magnetic stripe ID cards.  This is one of the main reasons our customers love it.

New energy

It’s amazing how many creative and brilliant new features wall staff can come up with after using ClimbPoint for a few weeks.  Feature requests are combined and included in software updates that are released 2-3 times per year.  The latest release has a number of requested features, and more improvements are on the way.


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