Dicey at Best: ClimbPoint 0.9 released

This latest release of ClimbPoint is anything but dicey, but the name did inspire me to take on a few features that were a bit more involved.  The full list of changes is posted here, but read on for the highlights:

view_options_2Custom memberships

It’s now possible to specify your own membership types!  You can keep the default memberships of Student, Faculty/Staff, and Guest, or you can easily add/remove memberships or change their display order.  Membership info is now also displayed on the View Climber page, during climber check-in.

Custom-ish gear

Davenport University requested the addition of Crash Pads as a gear checkout option, and other universities have asked about ATCs instead of GriGris — those are both options now, and there is a way to customize the View Climber page that displays before climber check-in.  Now you can choose to hide the gear that your facility doesn’t have or doesn’t want to check-out.

Climber check-out

Another requested feature was the ability to check-out climbers after checking them in.  A first cut at climber check-out is included in this release.  But if you have ideas for improvements I would absolutely love to hear them!

Other goodies, and what’s next…

This release also includes a few improvements to reporting, and in the next release I’ll be able to add weekly and hourly summaries fairly easily.  Though to be honest, I’d like to overhaul the reporting entirely so that ClimbPoint can generate pretty charts and graphs based on more filtering options.  Incidentally, there is now the ability to filter by gender, membership type and classification in this release.

The full list of changes also includes a few other performance improvements — but don’t take my word for it.  Check the screenshots, or better, take a test drive!


2 Responses to Dicey at Best: ClimbPoint 0.9 released

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