ClimbPoint 0.8 released

The Cave Cricket has been released!  The list of changes provides a good overview of the updates in this version, but it doesn’t truly convey all the small improvements in 0.8.

A screencast will be ready soon, and I’ve also updated the screenshots with what’s changed.  The biggest change to the look and feel in this releaseupdate_climber was with the climber add and update screens (shown at right).

Now it’s easier to add a climber, and the drop-down menu for memberships will make it easier to accommodate custom membership types (which I plan to add in the next release).

More frequently used fields for phone and email information are now shown on the first page, and gear options are now specified and saved only at check-in.  This will also make it easier to allow the check-out of additional types of climbing gear.

I’m definitely looking ahead to the 0.9 release, planned for August, which will incorporate some of these additional features I’ve been hinting at.  The codename for 0.9?  Dicey at Best 🙂


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