ClimbPoint 0.7 released

It’s here! The next release of ClimbPoint has arrived, and I’m excited about the possibilities for future versions. Before I begin summarizing some of the changes, I’d like to offer my apologies to those of you who were waiting on the edge of your seats for this release — I’ll try not to keep everyone in suspense in the future 🙂

I blogged about some of the improvements way back in June, but I’ll hit the highlights here:

  • First and foremost, an easier to use main screen — check out the updated screenshots
  • The recent climbers screen is also new, which gives a quick glance at recent checkins
  • New options for reports allow you to specify a start and end date
  • Database backup and restore is now included — take care of your data!
  • Other special options are now available, including the ability to specify half sizes for shoes and to not require a birth date. Look for more options like this in the future!

Along the way I squashed a few bugs, one of which was causing the main screen to seemingly get stuck in maximized mode during special situations. I only had one user encounter this one (thanks Mike!), but one is too many in my book. I also included a couple other optimizations which should make the program more reliable.

In the future I’m planning to add opening and closing checklists, better gear management, scheduled backups, and automatic updates.

To get in on the action, pick up a license or request a trial version.


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