Changes on the horizon for ClimbPoint 0.7

Since attending the Climbing Wall Summit last month I’ve been busy planning out future versions of ClimbPoint. I’m happy to say that ClimbPoint 0.7, codenamed ‘Bedtime for Bonzo’, is well on its way to being released.

Here are a few things I’ve baked in already:

  • Ability to backup and restore the current database
  • Options for minimum climber age — the default was 14, but now you can even set it to 0 if you don’t want to require that new climbers give you their birthdate
  • Half sizes for shoes are now supported — this is another item that can be enabled from the Options screen
  • More ID swiping “magic” (hard to explain, but put simply: outdated climber IDs are updated pretty much automatically when they check in)

Also on the way in this release are improved reporting options (so that hourly, daily, and weekly usage data can be seen) and an updated User Interface with some snazzy icons and a toolbar. I’ll post some screenshots soon.

Most of the ideas for this release came from my beta testers and from those who have emailed me to check out the program. Keep those suggestions coming! I’ll post a roadmap once I have enough of them 🙂


One Response to Changes on the horizon for ClimbPoint 0.7

  1. […] blogged about some of the improvements way back in June, but I’ll hit the highlights […]

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