ClimbPoint development roadmap on the way

This weekend I’m attending the Climbing Wall Summit in Boulder, Colorado and have been getting some great insight into climbing gym management and the need for well designed gym management software.

In my opinion, there is a lot of room for innovation in climbing wall management software — and it’s difficult to say whether large software companies will put forth the effort required to truly understand the needs of climbing wall managers and attempt to encapsulate their management processes within a software system.

ClimbPoint aims to do just this, and to completely streamline every aspect of climbing wall management. We have a ways to go, but soon I plan to compile all the great ideas for features together and build a “road map” for the product so that customers, onlookers, and skeptics alike can know where we’re headed.

Initially the features that I include will be most useful to climbing walls within larger recreation facilities, in places like universities and community recreation centers. The managers of these facilities need a centralized system to manage wall check-ins, training, gear rental, events, maintenance, and gear inspection.

As ClimbPoint matures I am confident that it will be useful for commercial gyms as well, and I am always appreciative of feedback on the current design and ideas for new features. Leave a comment with your thoughts below, or send an email to Feedback email address.


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